About Us

Diane Hohmann

Diane Hohmann, the event manager at FountainGlenn, is dedicated to making each event enjoyable and stress free for the host and guests. FountainGlenn is the perfect venue for a family gathering, business meetings, and elegant weddings and Diane will make sure that your event is planned and executed to perfection. Her past experience and qualifications include a 17-year background in planning and working with Weddings and Events. In addition to Diane's professionalism, her wonderful, outgoing personality is what you will like the most about FountainGlenn's Event Manager.

Diane loves to travel, with family and friends, experiencing different cultures, and the beauty of the scenery that each new destination offers. Her travels have included France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, London, Netherlands, Belize, Jamaica, Mexican Riviera, and a majority of the United States.