Your Day, Your Price; Facility Rental starting at just $995.00

Welcome to FountainGlenn, a wedding agency that provides services of organizations of weddings, provision of appropriate wedding space, catering, photographs, videos and unique accommodation.


Welcome to FountainGlenn to enjoy an interior which is spacious and beautifully appointed with many premium features. Our energy appliances are efficient with a nice balcony where your wedding visitors will enjoy. We have plenty of storage rooms where you can store some of your wedding materials to await the wedding date. To create a cool and pleasant environment, fans are celling off the interior which are air conditioned.


We offer a wide range of relaxation and recreation options you have never seen. We could make that Valentine special for you and your beloved, and the only thing you need to do is to give that unique valentine gift dedicated to your man. Come and enjoy with your family and friends in the cardroom, swim in our heated pool-water or just walk on the state-art fitness centre.Foumtainglenn gives residents a chance in spending their glamorous wedding days in an enjoyable and vibrant style.


Fountainglenn are experts in provision of extraordinary items for your wedding celebration. We offer lighting to set your mind, fine linens including rental wedding gowns, room decor, customized Swarovski cake topper. Our showrooms contain everything to make your day memorable and unique.


Your reception ceremony in Fountainglenn comprises of the following:


3 types Swarovski cake with linen non-slip aisle runners and outdoor aisle runners.


3 types of decorative table numbers such as the LED cherry trees, LED willow trees and Birch trees.


Large selection of card boxes including Swarovski crystal box.


We offer things which are simple and tasteful during your special day including the basic wedding package that can provide a wedding ceremony which is complete and a reception with a choice from the following menu and beverages:


Formal BBQ feast with a choice from 3 meats and 3 side dishes.


Fajita diner with a choice from beef and chicken fajita and rice with beans.


Traditional lasagna with salad and a choice of one dish.


Herb chicken breast with salad and 2 side dishes.


Tricolored cheese tortellinwith salad and a choice of one side dish.


Light hors D oeuvres which is perfect for you afternoon reception.



Fountain Glenn is defined by its simple and elegancy from a 25-person Victorian wedding to a 150- person ceremony and reception and we can accommodate all that you require. We are Leander providers with an affordable wedding reception options which are classic.


For your wedding ceremony we offer separate indoor wedding chapes and outdoor gazebo. We can use our chapel which is enormous if the weather seems to be uncondusive.Fountainglenn wedding packages are hassle-free and solutions which are condusivewhich include speakers and the dancing floor. We have several pleasant sites where you can take attractive photographs.


The value for the package is 2,995 dollars. Price per guest ranges from 10,000 dollars to 18,000 dollars.


The package is available as from Sundays and Fridays only with Saturday non- inclusive.


We recently celebrated our 15 birthday and we say that Fountain Glenn is for extraordinary and not the ordinary. Welcome to the most charming and perfect wedding occasions venue with a complete array options to suit all your needs such as re-unions and birthday parties.

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